For Danica Patrick, finding the Teams for Daytona 500 Is Challenging


Danica Patrick is about to end her full-time race car career. Her last “full-time” race as a driver was in the NASCAR Cup Series finale in November. The Stewart-Haas replaced her on the team in the respective 2018. But before she says goodbye to the track and her diehard fans, she is willing to finish the last two more races in the 2018 year. The first one is the Daytona 500 which is set to happen in February. The second one is the Indy 500 which is set to happen in May.

Danica Patrick

It is fair to think that NASCAR and Indycar will do a lot for Patrick’s closure. It is also a common stuff for one-off drivers to compete. Patrick indeed has the thing called “X-Factor” since she is very jaw-dropping in racing. She is known for her unique ability to improvise in the racing. It does seem fair that she strives for two last races. We think that the upcoming races won’t be too challenging for her. In fact, she has been in NASCAR for 8 years and participated in the IndyCar class from 2005 to 2011. The experiences say a lot of undeniable truth about this beautiful racer. But although she is ready for the last challenges, she admitted that finding the pairs for the respective events could be a bit daunting than before.

On SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, she explained that it took a longer time to find the teams for her last two races. But she stated that she was not triggered by this occurrence at all. Hence, she is not going to rush all the process. She will just need to keep searching until finding the ideal team for the last two races.

She was really honest on the radio. She thought that the process will be quick and straightforward. But she realized that it was harder. So, she realized that she couldn’t rush things over. She also mentioned about her concept, that she was a big believer.
More and more all the time – of letting the things (riding things) flow. She believed that things would be shaped in the way that they would. That was the kind of resolution that she wanted to experience to close her career as the full-time racer. She is going to do the Daytona 500 and the Indy 500 this 2018 year. She was just like, she did not want to push anything, and just let the things flow.

Apparently, her concept has been done for years in her entire career in racing. And all the things turned out to be good in the outcome.

This principle was also implemented when she looked for the teams she is going to race with both in the NASCAR and IndyCar. She said that she was pushing the things politely. But she realized that everything could not happen before they were ready to happen. She Patrick thought that everything would be much simpler. There would be fewer people involved, fewer sponsors, and less complex things. But still, it is complicated for her. So, she will just go with the flow and see what happens in the future.

Back then at the Homestead-Miami Speedway the last 2017 Cup Series race, Danica Patrick sadly explained that those would be her last appearances in the fulltime season. Many were glad that she was not retiring the way she wished to.

But she is very glad that her racing career has opened the windows of opportunities to certain business that she runs like her clothing, wine, and health and fitness content. Anyway, she has successfully launched the health and fitness book entitled as “Pretty Intense”.

To conclude, Danica Patrick is taking a little bit of time. She admitted that things for the upcoming races have been taking longer than she expected. Not to mention the upcoming Daytona 500 which is set to happen on February 18.

Back then in November 2017, Patrick stated that she would not compete full-time in the NASCAR Season in 2018. Instead, she wanted to finish her racing career by participating in the 60th Annual Daytona 500 and the 2018 Indy 500. Until now, she has not yet announced the pairs that she will drive. The former Stewart-Haas Racing driver hoped that the things will be finished together before she is ready behind the wheel.

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